In the business for 20 years

Computer forensics

Nowadays computer, information and telecommunications technologies allow you to obtain the information you need to solve difficult private or business cases.
Our agency encourages you to use the assistance of criminological science, that can provide a great deal of evidence in several fields. We practice:
- Reading and analysing data stored on computer hard drives, including text files, photos, Internet browsing history, chat messenger archives, etc.
- Recovering data from a variety of media such as computer hard drives, memory cards, CDs and DVDs or Data Cloud
- Getting and recovering passwords
- Analysing mobile phone content, including a reading of SIM cards and device memory for messages, calls, contact lists, etc.
- Determining the legality of data
- Identifying people and searching for crimes related to computer and the internet
Our detectives will use their knowledge and help you in the event of data theft or removal. As well as in many other situations.




For more than 20 years we have meticulously carried out orders, constantly improving our qualifications. Providing detective services in the first place we put discretion. You can trust us.

About us

"WARMIX", a licensed Security and Detective Agency, was established in 2003. The Company's concession number is L-0392/03 and its detective services register number is RD - 31/2006.

In order to meet the market demand, we focus our activities on detective services and security of property and persons.

High quality of services, know-how and professionalism are our main concerns. All of our employees are well-experienced specialists.

To meet the growing demand of our Clients, our employees are developing their knowledge and qualifications during various courses and trainings providing them with necessary authorizations and certificates. Thus, the quality of our services is being systematically improved.

We invite you to use our services.

Yours faithfully,

President of the Agency