We operate our detective agency in Warsaw in all its districts, including Ochota. However, we have received many orders from other cities in Poland, as well as the European Union. The specification of our work does not allow us to close ourselves to a particular region. We act effectively and quickly, so that you get answers to your questions as soon as possible.

Detective Agency Ochota

We have already helped many people with divorce cases or detecting infidelities. Our detectives are also specialists in the IT sector and it has no secrets from them. Thanks to us you can perform an IT security audit, check the legality of the data you have or determine the identity of people who have committed a computer or Internet crime.

Check with whom you want to cooperate - Wirmix Detective Bureau will investigate the past of your employee or business partner

Do you run a company that has sensitive data that cannot get out? Do you have innovative technologies that allow you to stay ahead of the competition? Don't engage with individuals or institutions whose past you don't know. Warmix Detective Agency can check for you the companies and individuals you want to cooperate with, so you will be calmer about the interests of your company. We can make secure rooms for you, which will provide protection for you and your documents. We can also make acoustic seal improvements, install a vibro-acoustic system or a system that detects electronic devices being brought into the secure room. This will make you feel comfortable and safe in your company.

Protection of property and persons for Warmix is the daily bread

Our detective bureau also offers its services in the field of protection of persons and property. Ochota is a district where we have many buildings that are under our protection. We are engaged in the installation of alarm and monitoring system in various facilities.

Check if you are being bugged

Many people and companies who report to us claim that they are being watched or bugged. Most orders in this area come from companies that process confidential data or negotiate contacts worth several million. In this case, our detectives carry out activities related to the detection of cameras and eavesdropping on analog, GSM or telephone lines. During these orders we use the highest quality equipment, as well as carry out manual searches. We also perform activities related to the detection of locating devices in cars. All this is done so that our customers can feel safe.

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