Looking for a reliable and professional detective in Bielany? Check out our rich offer that will help you solve your problems. We provide services for both individuals and companies.

Detective agency Bielany

One of the most common problems that our clients come to us with is suspected infidelity. Our detectives always conduct a thorough interview, during which they learn as much as possible about the suspected person. The infidelity detective, tries to gather materials to prove the infidelity of the other person. It is often the case that people in a marriage need strong evidence that they can present in court, and our detectives provide it.

Business detective operating in Bielany is us - Warmix.

We handle a variety of cases, both those involving private and corporate life. If you suspect that the company with which you want to conclude a contract is not fully honest with you, then a good solution is to hire a detective agency, which will perform for you a check on the credibility of the contractor or carry out verifications of financial condition, so you will know whether you should cooperate with such a company.

Detective agency Bielany - help in obtaining compensation

Have you suffered an accident? You are in the hospital and have no way to submit the necessary documents to obtain compensation? With our office it is not a problem. We have been collecting compensation after accidents for years. We help you at every stage of your compensation efforts. We are also able to file the necessary documentation for you if our detective agency receives a power of attorney from you. You have already received compensation, but you think that the amount is too low?In this case, too, we can help you by resubmitting the documentation and seeking payment of a satisfactory amount. We conduct our activities, among others, in the Warsaw district of Bielany, but we do not close ourselves to other cities and regions. If you need help in getting the right amount from the insurer, then write to us and we will be happy to help.

Prices for detective services Bielany

It is impossible to clearly define the price for a given detective services. Each of our activities requires a different amount of effort and resources, that is, the use of a different number of people and equipment. We approach each order individually and we always consult each possible cost with our Client, because we do not like to surprise them after finishing our work with a cosmic amount. Each order requires a different approach and differs in the amount of time we have to spend on it. If you are interested in any of our services, please write to us and we will present our offer.

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