Our clients are often people who have fallen on hard times in their lives. We always strive to help them and restore joy to their lives, even though the beginnings after finding evidence of infidelity or infidelity can be tough. However, it is always better to know that our partner/partner is being insincere with us.

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One of the most common services we perform in Rembertów district is collecting evidence in divorce, family or property cases. Our work always begins with a thorough conversation with our client, as it is during this conversation that we can already learn a great deal and establish a plan of action. Our task is to collect evidence that will be useful in court. According to the law, our detective can not install wiretaps and hidden cameras, but this does not mean that our client can not install them himself at his own risk. Among other things, thanks to such actions we are able to find evidence of infidelity or infidelity. This is very important in court when determining the verdict of guilt of marriage breakup.

At each stage of our activities, our client is informed of the progress and it is up to him to decide when we should finish our work. He is always informed of the costs he will have to pay for the services in question. Sometimes our clients want to give up halfway because they feel bad about following a loved one, but we advise not to end observation of a person too sooner only after getting strong evidence.

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We do not close only to look for divorce or family evidence. We can check for you whether your child left in the care of a nanny is properly taken care of and whether he or she is not being harmed. This is a very common request from parents who live in Rembertów. We also check the proper care of children when spouses have separated. Ensuring proper conditions both materially and emotionally for the child is very important. If you suspect that your ex-husband or wife is taking poor care of your child, this should be checked, as providing the right conditions for the child's development is paramount. We also help during mediation to determine the custody of a minor.

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The best confirmation that we are good at what we do is the satisfaction of our clients. We are happy to help them solve their problems. Discretion, professionalism and full commitment is what characterizes our detectives. We have already conducted many cases for both private individuals and large companies, who, thanks to us, have discovered a number of irregularities in their businesses. If you want to use our services, then make an appointment with our detectives, we are sure that together we will find a way out of even the worst situation.

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