Property matters
Property, divorce, family matters

Observation in Divorce, Family and Property Cases

Detection of wiretapping and cameras
Detection of wiretaps and cameras

If you are concerned that you may have been a victim of eavesdropping, we offer our assistance in determining whether it actually happened

Business intelligence
Business intelligence

We can never be 100% sure of the information we receive about other companies or entities.

Searching for people and property
Search for persons and property, homicide

The disappearance of a person or property is a very traumatic experience, it is important at such a time to take professional action to find them

IT security audit
Security audit

Security audit - a comprehensive procedure for assessing and analyzing the security status of an organization.

Legal and detective consultancy

Law is a broad field and at the same time upholds morality and the welfare of the individual.


Graphology Warsaw: Professional Handwriting Examination and Character Analysis Services

Fingerprint examinations
Fingerprint tests

Fingerprint testing is an investigative technique that deals with comparative studies of people's fingerprints.

Protection of property
Safe rooms

Safe Premises: Effective Protection and Individual

Checking contractors
Business Surveillance

Business Surveillance - verification of entrepreneurs, contractors

Detective Europe
Detective Europe

Detective services - European Union, Eastern Europe

Prices of services :

- prices of personal and property protection services depend on a duration of contract, a number of working hours spent per month by the Agency's employees and a value of the property.

- prices of detective services are established individually, depending on a kind of contract, its duration and resources engaged. The prices do not include the direct costs of rendering services which are calculated separately, after Client consent is obtained, during execution of the contract.

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