If you are concerned that you may have been a victim of eavesdropping, we offer our assistance in determining whether it actually happened

Our agency provides highly reputable detective services including detection of eavesdropping devices. Nowadays, one of the most important things has become our privacy, and so we should take special care of it so that it is not violated by third parties. Wanting to feel as comfortable as possible in our car or apartment without fear of surveillance, we can seek help from specialists in wiretap detection. So, if you would like to regain peace of mind and be sure that your confidential information stays safe with you, you have come to the right place.

Wiretapping detection
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How do we detect wiretaps?

During wiretap detection, we perform both physical and technical inspection. We carefully inspect all sensitive places where spying apparatus could be planted. Eavesdropping devices and cameras often take a miniaturized form. We specialize in detecting even the smallest eavesdropping devices, which can be planted literally anywhere and hidden in the most inconspicuous places. In addition to being physical devices, eavesdropping can take various forms, including, as malware that will collect data during our phone calls. Eavesdropping detection service is carried out exactly at the designated location specified by the customer in the order. Thus, we specialize and provide services that include:

  • telephone wiretap detection;
  • gsm wiretap detection;
  • camera detection.

During the visual inspection, our specialist takes measurements aimed at capturing analog and digital transmitting signals for recording information, as well as transmitting them by radio and wire.


How does the wiretap detection service work?

Eavesdropping detection itself is an extremely difficult thing for an untrained person, so the help of a detective agency will prove necessary here. In our company, we take a comprehensive approach to each order. Thus, our qualified detectives carry out the following activities to detect eavesdropping:

  • Source intelligence.
  • Inspection of acoustic ducts and ventilation ducts.
  • Inspection and review of devices and equipment in the room being checked
  • Spectral analysis and specialized measurements of analog and digital transmitting signals.
  • Manual search of the entire commissioned area.
  • Specialized electromagnetic field measurements.
  • Detection of wired av transmitters.
  • Detection of gsm wiretaps.
  • Detection of analog wiretaps.
  • Detection of eavesdropping on telephone lines.
  • Determination of the risk of loss of information when situations favorable to the installation of eavesdropping are noticed.
  • Detection of locating devices in vehicles.
  • Detection of spyware in telephones.

After all these checks are performed, a technical report is made, which is later forwarded to the client. Wanting to avoid surveillance, it is advisable to use the proven solutions of our company. We provide detective services for both individuals and companies.



Is it possible to detect wiretaps?

Yes, wiretaps can be detected using specialized techniques and tools. Professional investigators use sophisticated radio signal detection equipment, spectrum analyzers and physical inspection devices to locate spying devices. The detection process involves both technical analysis and a thorough search of potential hidden locations where devices may have been installed.


How does a detective look for cameras?

When looking for hidden cameras, a detective uses a combination of technical and manual methods, including:

  • Visual inspection: Manually searching the premises to identify unusual items or modifications that could be hiding cameras.
  • Use of RF signal detectors: Locating devices that can transmit data to the outside, including hidden wireless cameras.
  • Use of thermal imaging cameras: Detecting heat emitted by electronic components of hidden cameras.
  • Using specialized lens detection cameras: These devices reflect light off camera lenses, making them easier to locate even if they are well hidden.

What to do with found cameras/cameras?

When you find cameras or eavesdroppers, take the following steps:

  1. Do not move or touch the devices: Doing so can destroy potential evidence or signal to the person who installed them that they have been detected.
  2. Documenting your findings: Taking pictures of the places where the devices were found can be helpful during further legal proceedings.
  3. Notification of competent authorities: Depending on the situation, it may be necessary to notify the police of the illegal surveillance.
  4. Consulting a lawyer: Seek legal advice to determine the best course of action, especially if finding spying devices has legal ramifications or involves private, family or business matters.
  5. Professional deactivation: Have an investigator or other professional safely remove and deactivate the devices so that no further surveillance or destruction of evidence occurs.

What detective services are offered to detect wiretaps, GSM and hidden cameras?

Warsaw Warmix Detective offers a wide range of detective services for detecting spy devices, including:

  • Detection of telephone wiretaps: Professional services to identify eavesdropping devices connected to telephone lines, both in homes and workplaces.
  • GSM wiretap detection: Locating devices that use cellular networks to transmit collected information.
  • Detection of hidden cameras: Specialized search of a space to find hidden cameras, which can be camouflaged in various objects or fixtures in a room.

How does a detective perform detection of eavesdropping devices?

Warsaw Warmix Detective carries out detection of eavesdropping devices by means of:

  1. Source intelligence: He starts by analyzing potential threats and areas where the devices may have been installed.
  2. Checking ducts and ventilation lines: These locations are often used to hide spying devices.
  3. Inspection of electronic devices: Verifying that additional spy modules have not been installed in devices.
  4. Spectral spectrum analysis: Using specialized equipment to detect transmitting signals, both analog and digital.
  5. Manual search: Thoroughly checking every corner of the room for hidden devices.

What places and situations are particularly vulnerable to surveillance?

Places and situations particularly vulnerable to surveillance are:

  • Office premises: Especially conference rooms and executive offices where sensitive business information is discussed.
  • Private homes and apartments: Especially in the context of family disputes, divorces or property issues.
  • Vehicles: Automobiles may be equipped with tracking and eavesdropping devices, especially for those in important positions or with valuable information.

What technologies and methods are used to detect wiretaps and hidden cameras?

The technologies and methods used for detection are:

  • RF signal detectors: These devices detect radio activity emitted by spying devices.
  • Thermal imaging cameras: Allow electronic devices to be located by detecting heat sources.
  • Spectrum analyzers: Used to identify unusual signals in the frequency spectrum that may indicate the activity of spy devices.

What signs or situations might suggest the presence of eavesdropping or cameras?

Signs that suggest the presence of eavesdropping or cameras are:

  • Unexpected signal interference: in electronic devices such as televisions, radios or telephones.
  • Strange sounds during phone calls: clicks, noises, echoes.
  • Unusual behavior of electronic devices: turning on by itself, acting at unexpected times.
  • Changes in the environment: new objects or changes in furniture positioning that may hide spying devices.

Does the detective offer vehicle surveillance detection services?

Yes, Warmix Detective in Warsaw offers surveillance detection services in vehicles, including:

  • Detection of GPS devices: used to track the location of the vehicle.
  • Searching for hidden microphones and cameras: In various parts of the vehicle, including the dashboard, headliner or bumpers.

What information does the technical report contain after the wiretap detection service?

The technical report includes:

  • A detailed description of the activities performed: including information on the equipment and methods used.
  • Results of the inspection: including the locations of the spying devices found, their types and potential sources.
  • Recommendations: regarding further steps to be taken to protect against further surveillance.

Why use a professional investigator for suspected surveillance?

Using the services of a professional detective, such as Warsaw Detective Warmix, ensures:

  • Efficiency: Professional tools and experience in detecting spying devices.
  • Discretion: The entire process is carried out with complete confidentiality.
  • Peace of mind: Confidence that the environment has been thoroughly checked and is free from surveillance.

Are detective wiretap detection services available to individuals and businesses?

Yes, detective wiretap detection services offered by Detektyw Warmix are available to both individuals and companies, providing a wide range of protection against unauthorized access to information.


What steps can be taken to protect against surveillance permanently?

To protect yourself from surveillance permanently, you can:

  1. Regularly use professional investigators to conduct inspections.
  2. Install advanced security systems, including anti-spyware software.
  3. Use good information security practices, such as secure passwords and encryption of communications.

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