Fingerprint testing is an investigative technique that deals with comparative studies of people's fingerprints.

One of the most widespread investigative techniques is fingerprint examinations. Fingerprint analysis to determine whether a person is responsible for a crime is extremely effective, and thus an excellent source of information. In the method, the fingerprints of the suspected person and those found at the scene are compared, so that the guilty party can be confirmed or ruled out. Professional examinations are able to dispel any doubts and identify the perpetrator who may be the cause of the problems.

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Fingerprints are characterized by: indelibility, immutability and uniqueness. Taking fingerprints from people who may be connected with some crime, detainees, witnesses, etc., was developed as early as the 1930s, but it was not until after World War II that fingerprinting became commonplace in establishing the identity and perpetrator of a crime. If the perpetrator at the scene of a crime has left fingerprints and we have the ability to compare them with those of the alleged perpetrator with absolute certainty we are able to identify him. Fingerprints are collected and stored by forensic laboratories of individual countries, the largest database of them is held by the United States of America in the computer data system AFIS(Automated Fingerprint Identification System), where more than 3.5 million fingerprint cards are collected.

If there has been a theft in your home and you suspect any member of the household or people you know, if you have received correspondence from an anonymous sender, and you suspect someone and want to confirm it, if finally someone has broken into your property and for some reason you do not want to involve the police. or in other cases where fingerprints are involved, contact us, we will professionally reveal and secure the indicated places where fingerprints may be located, remove the prints and, if necessary, obtain comparative material from the indicated persons in a discreet manner, then make a comparative analysis and prepare the necessary documentation, if required.


One of the most widespread investigative techniques is fingerprint examinations. Fingerprint analysis to determine whether a person is responsible for a crime is extremely effective, and thus an excellent source of information. In the method, the fingerprints of the suspected person and those found at the scene are compared, so that the guilty party can be confirmed or excluded. Professional examinations are able to dispel any doubts and identify the perpetrator who may be the cause of the problems.

If you suspect that a crime has occurred in your neighborhood, fingerprinting can be an excellent method to determine the guilty party. If fingerprints have been left at the scene and the suspect has been traced, it is possible to indicate with almost 100 percent certainty whether a person is involved in the incident. Everyone leaves different fingerprints, making it possible to identify with the utmost accuracy.

If there has been a theft at a home or business and among the suspects are people from the family, neighborhood or other people, it is possible to see if they actually contributed to a particular act. Many people know someone who would willingly act against them. Of course, it is rare for someone to go so far as to commit criminal acts, but if such a situation arises, it is worthwhile to use the services of professionals who are able to secure the site and find comparative material. The traces secured can be compared with the fingerprints of any person, which is often an ideal way to solve problems.

There are situations in which people do not want to involve the uniformed services, but they are anxious to solve the problem. This is when we come to the rescue and offer professional fingerprint examinations to identify the person responsible for the damage. If you care about solving a troubling case, it is worth trusting experts who, with the use of professional equipment, will perform the assigned tasks. With our help you will be able to "sleep well", as you will quickly find out who is responsible for committing the crime.

Sometimes people who are even very close to us can behave in an inappropriate manner and act to our detriment. It even happens that children are behind a problem like theft, but parents don't always want them to risk later problems with the law. By performing a series of investigations and identifying the perpetrator, it is possible to draw our own consequences without involving third parties in the problem. As professionals, we ensure maximum discretion, so that no one finds out about the case.




What is dactyloscopy?

Dactyloscopy is a type of forensic technique that involves identifying a person, using only the fingerprints they leave behind. Fingerprints play an important role in investigations, especially in cases of burglary. Thefts, both of material and intellectual property, are common and constitute serious crimes. Fingerprint analysis can be used to confirm or deny the guilt of suspects. Fingerprinting, although seemingly simple, can cause many difficulties. The professional approach we offer at Warmix Detective Warsaw is key to successfully securing the premises and fingerprints. We provide quality services with complete discretion. If you do not want to involve the investigative authorities, we help you locate the perpetrator of the crime, allowing you to confidently confirm or exclude guilt.


Why is fingerprinting so important in criminal cases?

Fingerprints are a key clue for investigators, allowing them to identify a person. Touching an object is enough for our fingerprints to be imprinted on it, showing a distinctive pattern of fingerprints. When no other clues are available, fingerprints are extremely helpful in tracking down the person being sought. Any of us may experience a home or office burglary where it is difficult to immediately pinpoint the perpetrator. Suspicions may include disgruntled employees, malicious neighbors or even family members. In such situations, dactyloscopy, or fingerprint examination, can be helpful. By comparing a fingerprint from the scene with that of the suspect, the culprit can be identified or exonerated. The uniqueness of fingerprints makes it possible to almost 100 percent confirm someone's connection to a crime. Warmix Detective Warsaw offers professional assistance in securing crime scenes and collecting fingerprints, enabling effective problem solving. For those who avoid involving the police, our experienced team offers assistance in self-investigation.


How is fingerprint comparison done?

Fingerprintcomparison is extremely popular in solving criminal puzzles. This method has been around for a long time, and thanks to advances in technology, the results can be even more precise. A fingerprint contains a unique arrangement of sweat-fat substance, which are sometimes visible to the naked eye, and often requiring the use of special powders to make them visible. These traces can be compared with those of suspects, which, due to the uniqueness of the fingerprint, makes it possible to determine the perpetrator with almost absolute certainty. In the case of a theft at home or workplace, fingerprint comparison can help identify the perpetrator. Comparing fingerprints can confirm or deny suspicions. At Warmix Detective in Warsaw, we offer professional crime scene security and fingerprint comparison services. Our team guarantees meticulous workmanship, giving you the confidence to solve problems quickly.


Fingerprint search - what does it consist of?

Fingerprints help us to accurately determine the perpetrator of a given act. However, the very activity of searching for fingerprints is extremely demanding and should be handled by professionals. For the task of searching for fingerprints, special chemicals, which are called fingerprint powders, will come in handy. Using the right brush, this is spread on the surface of the object in question. Acting in this way, traces of prints are made visible on the surface, which are then photographed. The print is then transferred to fingerprint film, and from there to a light or dark-colored pad, depending on the powder used earlier. An alternative method for detecting fingerprints is to use iodine vapor. Iodine has the ability to vaporize at room temperature, which makes its use very effective. The iodine vapor is applied to the surface to be examined using sprays.

At Warmix Detective in Warsaw, we know exactly how to properly perform a fingerprint search service, so our clients can be sure that the leads we obtain will be properly located and secured for later identification of the owner.


Fingerprint detection - what is it?

Fingerprintdetection is an excellent method in unclear situations to confirm or exclude the guilt of a suspect. Thanks to modern technology, traces left on various objects can be effectively found and made visible. Working with Warmix Detective in Warsaw allows you to effectively identify suspects while maintaining maximum discretion, especially in situations where you avoid involving the police.


Why is fingerprint removal not an easy task?

Even by gently touching an object, we leave our fingerprint on it. With the development of technology, our fingerprints are more often taken and stored in a database. Removing finger prints is most easily done from surfaces that do not absorb water. However, traces of crime are not always found in easily accessible places. Nevertheless, the use of special chemicals makes it possible to find traces also on materials that at first glance seem problematic. Almost every activity leaves traces, which is good news for crime victims. Warmix Detective in Warsaw, is a team of professionals with the skills to effectively secure crime scenes and compare collected fingerprints with the fingerprints of suspects. If you need help locating the perpetrator, we offer support! Our services allow you to conduct a professional analysis and secure even the smallest traces.


What are the methods of fingerprinting?

Fingerprinting can help us discover who is behind a crime that has been committed. Fingerprint removal methods vary depending on the surface and conditions. The most commonly used techniques include the use of special powders, UV light, and chemicals such as iodine. For hard-to-reach surfaces, there are advanced technologies that make it possible to accurately collect traces, even from highly problematic materials. At Warmix Detective in Warsaw, our specialists are able to remove fingerprints even from hard-to-reach surfaces by using the latest technological advances. Thanks to us, you can be sure that we will reach the owner of the removed fingerprints.

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