The disappearance of a person or property is a very traumatic experience, it is important at such a time to take professional action to find them

In such situations, immediate action should be taken to determine the cause of the disappearance, whether the reason is the action of third parties ( kidnapping, murder, etc.),running away from home ( this is especially true of minors), perhaps deliberate hiding from loved ones, or perhaps simple irresponsibility, an unplanned trip, a protracted party and failure to inform loved ones.

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In the field of search for persons and property, homicide, our company deals with activities such as:

  • search for missing persons
  • search for persons in hiding
  • search for property
  • search for perpetrators of homicide

It is very important to take professional action at the beginning, as the initial findings will determine the further proceedings.

As you know, the police usually undertake search activities after 48 hours after the disappearance, at which time the detective can already take the necessary steps to find the person.

If the preliminary findings indicate that there is a threat to the life and health of the missing person, you should immediately go to the police, which of course does not exclude the possibility of using our assistance, since according to the Law on Detective Services detectives have the opportunity, and in certain situations even the obligation to cooperate with the police. The conduct of investigations by the police does not affect our activities, our actions complement the work of the police.

A similar procedure is in the case of missing property.

It is possible to conduct searches in various ways, in complete discretion, as well as by giving the case media publicity (including by cooperating with the media, state institutions and "non-profit" organizations) that support such activities.


To sum up, please remember that in the case of a missing person, as well as property, a very important factor is the time from the disappearance to the moment of search operations. Therefore, in such cases, please contact us as soon as possible, and we will take the necessary actions and activities to find the missing person or missing property.

In the case of a homicide, our specialized team is engaged in activities to determine the perpetrator or perpetrators of the homicide. The conduct of the investigation by the police does not affect our activities, our actions complement the work of the police.



What is the search for people, property?

Searching for people and property is a comprehensive service offered by detective agencies such as Detektyw Warmix in Warsaw. The process involves a variety of activities aimed at finding missing persons or property. Key aspects include:

  • Analysis of information: Gathering data and information that can help locate a person or property.
  • Monitoring and surveillance: Using modern technology to track and observe the potential whereabouts of persons or property.
  • Cooperation with law enforcement: In some cases, detectives work with police and other authorities to share information.
  • Use of specialized equipment: Use of advanced tools such as cameras, GPS locators, and databases for faster tracing.

What resources are available when searching for missing persons?

The search for missing persons can result from a variety of situations, such as parental abduction, intentional hiding or health problems. There are a number of measures available, including reporting the case to the police, using social media, cooperating with missing persons search organizations and providing detective services. Quick response and coordinated action can be key to successfully locating a missing person.


What are the benefits of using a detective when searching for people in hiding?

Searching for people in hiding is a time-consuming and complicated task, but thanks to our experience we achieve satisfactory results. Our detective company specializes in finding both family members and debtors who deliberately avoid creditors.

A private detective can act independently of law enforcement agencies, offering effective support in difficult situations. We also cooperate in finding contacts of old friends or family who have left their hometown. Thanks to our experience and effective action plans, the search for people in hiding becomes efficient and oriented towards a quick resolution of the case.


What areas of activity does the detective agency cover in the context of detecting hidden assets?

The search for hidden assets with the cooperation of our detective company brings numerous benefits. We work for both individuals and business entities, providing services based on reliability and discretion.

Our comprehensive approach includes effective investigation based on reliable sources, such as the Register of Insolvent Debtors or land records. We help establish the true situation of assets, which can be crucial in divorce processes, debt enforcement or avoiding lengthy debt collection processes. Using detective services is a guarantee of professionalism and achieving positive results.


In what situations can a detective agency effectively help in the search for hidden property?

A detective agency offers effective assistance in the search for hidden property, especially in cases of theft of valuables. By combining detective experience with modern equipment, the company is able to facilitate the search for the perpetrator of the theft and the tracing of missing property.

We have the ability to develop evidence useful in criminal proceedings, and we can effectively locate stolen items, including vehicles or cargo. Our agency also offers searches for rented, leased and criminally lost items, ensuring quick and professional action in difficult situations.


Is a detective agency helpful in searching for lost property?

A detective agency can be an extremely effective partner in the search for lost property. Thanks to specialized operations and state-of-the-art equipment, our company is able to gather information that is crucial to locating the perpetrator and where the missing items are stored.

Detective services cover both cases of theft of individuals and businesses, and cooperation with law enforcement agencies allows for the quick recovery of stolen items. We maintain complete discretion, which is important especially in sensitive family cases, where the victims want to maintain privacy. In the case of loss of company property, stolen equipment or intellectual property acts, our detective agency offers professional support in the rapid recovery of lost values.


How does a specialized homicide detective team cooperate with the police?

Our specialized detective team takes effective measures to identify the perpetrators of a homicide, regardless of the police investigation. Our investigation complements the work of law enforcement agencies, focusing on detailed information gathering and using specialized methods. We work in full cooperation with the client, providing reliable results of our investigations.

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