Warmix is a detective agency that has been on the market for almost 20 years. The knowledge and skills gained during this time, as well as the most modern equipment, allow us to perform our services at the highest level. We deal with personal, as well as property and corporate cases. If you have a problem, call us and we will find a solution.

The best detective in the city center - Warmix

Our detectives work around the clock, if needed. We know the specifics of the industry and know that 24-hour surveillance is often the key to success. We also often work during the holidays. Many betrayals often occur during this period, which is why it is so important for us to work around the clock. Professionalism and discretion is what defines our detectives. We do not allow ourselves to make any mistakes. Before proceeding with each assignment, we establish a plan of action together with our client, but our detectives are very flexible and can adapt to any, sometimes even unusual, situation. We conduct our activity in Warsaw, and from the city center we receive more and more orders. However, we are not limited to the capital, our activities are also performed in other parts of Poland, as well as the European Union and Eastern Europe.

Many possibilities in one place - Warmix Detective Bureau has a rich offer

Our detective bureau does not close only to the documentation of infidelities or improper child custody. Often our orders are quite complicated, but we always strive for a positive conclusion. If you suspect that you are being followed or eavesdropped on, then come to us. Our detectives will conduct a source interview, manually search the entire area of the room or, using modern equipment, search the place for hidden cameras and wiretaps.

Detective Sródmieście - what is the price of services?

Śródmieście residents who come to us want to know the price for a particular service. However, it should be noted here that each order is different and requires a different approach to the problem. Detecting infidelity sometimes takes a few days, and sometimes a few weeks, depending on the frequency of meetings of the unfaithful spouse. It is also important what devices were used to detect infidelity. At each stage of our work, the client is informed of the progress and can resign at any time. However, we always try to explain to the Client that it is necessary to finish what has started in order to gather strong and powerful evidence that can be presented in court. Importantly, our detectives can be witnesses in court, which can further help your case.

If you need help, if you feel lost, then let us help you and use the services of the detective office in Śródmieście, we welcome you. We promise to solve your problems discreetly and professionally.

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