The work of a detective involves great responsibility and should be carried out in accordance with the law and with the utmost care. A detective can not afford to obtain evidence in an illegal manner, as it could not then be presented in court. Warmix has been offering its services for almost 20 years, and many satisfied clients can confirm the fact that we do our work as well as possible.

Forged document? Warmix will check it for you

In our offer, in addition to documenting the betrayals or observations of the parties, we also have a service for checking the authenticity of the letter. As a result, we have helped many people who have received threats or companies where signatures on important documents have been forged. In order for graphology examination to be carried out, it is necessary to provide the original document and a sample of the handwriting of the person with whose character the comparison will be made. Each person has a unique signature, which is hard to forge. However, a person who does not have graphological knowledge may not notice the difference. Our specialists perform graphological tests commissioned by both companies and individuals.

Do you run a company and security is most important to you? Get to know Warmix's offer

Our company often performs its services in Ursynów, a district of Warsaw. Very often in this place we perform the so-called safe room. We are approached by business owners who care about the safety of employees and documents that are in the building. We can perform for you the improvement of acoustic integrity or installation of a vibroacoustic system, so that your business conversations will be safe. If you are concerned that your co-workers may bring unwanted items into your business, we can apply a system to detect electronic devices brought in, making your documents safe.

Eavesdropping and hidden camera detection is also one of our services. If you run a business that may be vulnerable to leaking confidential data, or you know that your competitors are capable of doing anything to get your company's records, then you should check it for hidden cameras and wiretapping. Our detectives will perform specialized electromagnetic field measurements for you or search the entire room manually. We are also able to detect spyware in phones and locating devices in your car.

Stop worrying about your safety and entrust it to specialists with years of experience. Warmix operates in Ursynów, among other places, but if you are from elsewhere and need help, then contact us, together we will solve your problems and take care of your comfort and safety.

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