The help of a private det ective these days may be necessary. Sometimes there are situations from which we think there is no way out anymore, but a professional det ective may prove to be the solution to your problems.

Detective agency Wesoła - check out the range of our services

We are a company that has been in business for almost 20 years, and with the experience we have gained, we can help you too. Our detectives are outstanding specialists in IT or business intelligence. We accept orders from both large companies and individuals who are in need. The type of services is always adapted to the situation. Most often we deal with documentation of infidelities or property cases, but these are not the only areas in which we operate. We will also conduct a business interview for you or deal with the detection of unfair competition and find the person responsible for disclosing information that is a trade secret.

Searching for people - time is of the essence in this case

Our main area is Warsaw, very often we get orders from the Wesoła district. We also deal with finding missing persons, as well as those wanted for crimes. In the case of missing persons, time is very important, so if in your family or among your friends, someone has not made contact with their loved ones for a long time, do not wait, just commission our detective agency to look for this person.

Have you lost an important item? Do not wait for someone to use it

Do you happen to lose something? Nowadays everyone is very busy and often can't remember where they left something or put it away, or maybe they lost it after all? It doesn't matter if it's something of little value however, what if it's a company laptop that contains information that can't be by anyone else? Searching for lost property is one of the services we can perform for you. Our actions are fast and efficient, we always try to find the lost item as soon as possible, because we know that it could fall into the wrong hands.

Do not enter into cooperation with every company - first have the company interviewed

Many companies from both the Warsaw-Wesol district and many other regions of Poland and the European Union are offered cooperation with a company that seems very attractive and is expected to bring your company huge profits. However, is it really as great as it presents itself? An interview before entering into business cooperation is a good option to check this. Our detectives will thoroughly check the history of the company in question, its finances or obligations to other companies. Only after you have passed a report on our activities should you consider starting a cooperation.

If you are interested in any of our services, then contact us, together we will try to find a solution to your problems so that you can feel safe and happy.

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