A good detective is able to uncover any infidelity and conduct a white intelligence, the information from which can serve you in your case in court, since it is obtained from legal and public sources.

Problems with alimony? Find out how we can help you

Our detective agency, which also operates in Warsaw's Wola district, often deals with alimony cases. We can document infidelity for you, which will allow you to get a divorce with a guilty verdict in court and seek to receive alimony both for your children and for you as a former spouse. Every action we take is undertaken discreetly, because we know that infidelity and divorce cases are very sensitive. If you have been awarded alimony and yet you are not getting it, you can turn to us and we will carry out debt collection. We act quickly and efficiently, because we know the consequences of not getting the money you were supposed to receive in alimony.

Have you had a break-in and have a suspect? Let us confirm it

Sometimes it happens that someone has burglarized a client's home or business, but the client does not want to inform the police, because he suspects that the perpetrator may be someone from his immediate circle. In this case, our detective can detect fingerprints at the scene, remove them and secure them accordingly. Fingerprinting allows us to compare two fingerprints and indicate whether they are the same. Sometimes you don't even need the whole print because someone has very specific fingerprints. Our detectives are also able to obtain fingerprints discreetly from a suspected burglar, so the specialist will have material for comparison. With us, you can solve your problem without involving the police if you don't want the person to get into trouble with the law. Customers who come to us are often suspicious of their children, which is why they prefer that we handle the case rather than the Police. We always act with the utmost caution and care for discretion.

Eavesdropping? Check if this problem does not apply to you as well

Do you suspect that you are being eavesdropped on? You may be right, as this is an increasingly common problem, especially in companies with multi-million dollar contracts. Competitors are trying to get the information they are interested in at all costs, often going so far as to do very unethical things. Many times we have conducted an anti-bugging check of premises located in Warsaw's Wola district, because our clients claimed that the competition knew too much about their operations, and unfortunately they were right.

If you too would like to see how we operate and what we can do for you, we invite you to our office for a conversation, during which we will try to choose together the best plan of action to solve your problem.

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