The West Pomeranian region, due to its border and coastal location, has for many years enjoyed unabated interest in labor migration. Quite a number of people work in Germany, receiving wages in euros, while living on our side of the border and incurring lower costs of daily living. The region's strongly developed tourism industry brings thousands of tourists to the area every year.

For clients from such cities as Szczecin, Koszalin, Stargard, Kołobrzeg, Świnoujście, Szczecinek, Police, Wałcz, Białogard or Goleniów, as well as from the entire West Pomeranian region, we provide services related to divorce cases. They include documenting infidelity, observing the spouse, collecting evidence of addiction, as well as verifying the propriety of custody of minor children. In addition to divorce cases, we also deal with the search for heirs, as well as missing persons and persons wanted by law enforcement agencies, we find lost and stolen property.

In the West Pomeranian region, especially in such cities as Szczecin, Koszalin, Stargard, Kołobrzeg, Świnoujście, Szczecinek, Police, Wałcz, Białogard or Goleniów, also in the business sphere there is considerable demand for professional detective services. Popular here are services related to the so-called "business intelligence", involving the verification of contractors and potential business partners. Employees and candidates for key positions of the company are also often verified, which many times helps prevent the hiring of inappropriate people who could work against the company. It is also important to effectively prevent and detect acts of unfair competition as well as industrial espionage. As part of our services, we also perform consulting activities, not only related to personal security, property, facilities, but also cyber security.

For both individuals and companies, we undertake debt collection. As part of this service, we are involved in negotiations with debtors, determining both the whereabouts of the debtor and the assets of the debtor that may be subject to collection proceedings.

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