We are a team of licensed detectives with many years of experience in providing a variety of detective services to businesses, institutions and individuals. Our profession is all about professionalism, reliability and discretion, which is why we make sure that all these aspects are implemented by us. Our work is based to a considerable extent on field work, and the acquisition of a variety of information and high-quality evidence involves a great deal of risk for us. Each case we work on requires a different strategy and different methods of operation, so depending on the situation we undertake cooperation with informants, computer forensics investigators and the police.

In many respects, the work of a private detective and a police detective are similar, but they differ primarily in the scope of their powers. The activities of a private detective are strictly defined by the Law on Detective Services, authorizing him to obtain and process personal data. The powers of a police officer allow him, among other things, to detain a suspect, conduct a personal search, enter the suspect's apartment and search it (after obtaining an appropriate warrant). Although a detective has a narrower range of capabilities than a police officer, he is not restricted by procedures, and therefore can decide for himself what kind of case he will accept, as well as can undertake an investigation immediately after accepting an assignment.

Due to the nature of our work, each case we undertake involves establishing a closer relationship with the client - we analyze his needs in detail and consult with him on what measures we plan to use in the investigation, provide him with support and advice on how to behave in difficult situations, as well as being called as witnesses when the case enters court. We remain in constant contact with the client from the moment of cooperation until the case is resolved. In turn, thanks to the trust of our clients, we are able to best represent their needs and help them solve the problem at hand.

Thanks to the trust that our clients place in us, we are able to effectively obtain evidence and relevant information for the dispute. For this reason, we also cooperate with the police, conducting parallel investigations, especially in more complicated cases. The materials we collect often influence the course of the investigation and the success of the case undertaken.

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