During conflicts, especially those that take place against a business background, it is very important to minimize the damage occurring during and after the conflict. To this end, it is necessary to properly anticipate the further movements of the other party to the conflict and prepare for them accordingly.

Our detective agency provides the service of optimizing conflict counteraction. Based on our years of experience, we are able to mediate between the parties in order to eliminate or reduce the losses that may result for both sides of the conflict. In addition, we are able to prepare the party that is our client to minimize the side effects of the dispute, based, among other things, on an analysis of potential risks that the opposing party to the conflict could use to our client's disadvantage.

When conducting arbitration in a dispute, we are perfectly capable of developing a version that harms the interests of both parties to the dispute as little as possible. For this purpose, we can make a detailed analysis that would allow us to determine what consequences for the opposing party could be brought by maintaining the blockage and deepening its effects. Often an effective method is also to identify a compromise that can alleviate the conflict and lead to the half satisfaction of each party to the conflict. Depending on the situation, it may be effective in resolving the conflict to locate the source of the conflict in detail and try to eliminate it. After a detailed analysis of the problem, we are able to work out a solution that is satisfactory to both parties.

In the case of reluctance to engage in dialogue on the part of the opposing party and the inability to develop a joint plan to alleviate the conflict, it may be necessary to reduce its impact on the person we represent. To this end, we will develop a different strategy, thoroughly analyze the possible threats and actions that the opposing party to the conflict could use against us. Depending on the situation, it is possible to prepare in advance for certain movements directed in our direction, which, to a certain extent, can help to effectively protect ourselves from the consequences of legal actions put forward by the opponent, and also enable us to secure the threatened assets, including movable or immovable property.

In any dispute, it is very important how serious the situation is and how far-reaching the conflict is. Only by carefully analyzing the situation will it be possible to adopt a specific strategy of action that will help mitigate the conflict and reach a solution that is satisfactory to all parties.

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