Would you like to help people in emergency situations and help solve their problems? Would you like reliable information on health and safety or any criminal and terrorist countermeasures conducted by our specialists. Would you like to improve your qualifications and skills in this field ? Training courses include the most important knowledge to help you in your daily life and professional life. You as well as your employees. After all, an employer cannot allow an employee to work until he or she has acquired the required qualifications and skills in health and safety regulations and rules.

We also address training courses on countering criminal and terrorist attacks to prosecutors, police officers, as well as to each of you.

We strive to make our training courses the most abundant in knowledge and the most practical.

  • Other products we can offer you are training courses:

  • O.C. training. (civil defense training),

  • O.H. training,

  • P.Fire training,

  • trainings against criminal attacks

  • Training against terrorist attacks,

  • training development of O.C. defense plans.

The primary objective of the proposed training courses is to acquire, expand and consolidate the most necessary knowledge of our best employees, who are also practitioners. Assimilate the knowledge of programs on dealing with emergencies, civil defense, as well as the previously mentioned O.C. During the training we will include interesting issues such as natural disasters, war, technical disasters or other dangerous events.

We guarantee that participation in our trainings will prepare you and your employees to behave appropriately in the face of unexpected adversity, i.e. a gas explosion, bomb, road accident or terrorist attack. They will give you practical knowledge on how to keep yourself and your family safe.

We are sure that this knowledge-especially in the times we live in-is essential for each of us.

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