VARIOGRAPHY, (commonly known as a "lie detector" or "lie detector") - a device used to analyze the physiological reactions of the human body to external stimuli, which are

interpretation of emotions, are increasingly popular

Among private clients:

- family research,

- history of a person,

- fidelity,

- betrayal,

- suspected lies,

- proving innocence,

- background check, and others


Among entrepreneurs:

- crimes committed against the company (fraud, theft, transfer of confidential information to competing companies, etc.),

- recruitment tests,

- employee verification,

- so-called screening "screen" English. - screening, personnel loyalty testing,

- surveys of current and potential business partners, and others


All these tests are carried out both in Warsaw and throughout the country, they are conducted by professionals with extensive experience gained during many years of work in units

subordinate to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration, recommended by the Association of Polish Polygraphers.


Professional polygraph examinations

For a better understanding of the importance of the test in the polygraph examination used in the personnel recruitment process, here are the advantages that the employer and the job candidate can achieve using a device called a polygraph:

The importance of the results to the employer:

- It provides an accurate method by which data on a job applicant's work history can be verified immediately at little cost.
- Detects alcohol and psychoactive drug addicts.
- It reveals certain characteristics associated with the psychological and social maladjustment of job applicants.
- Identifies individuals who are disloyal to the company or who work for competing companies.
- Reduces costs associated with personnel fluidity and significantly improves the accuracy of the selection of candidates for certain positions.

Importance of the results for the employee:

- It safeguards against false and unfair performance evaluations by previous superiors.
- Expensively (compared to the use of conventional means of information flow: telephones, faxes, letters, etc.) reduces the waiting period for a candidate to receive the results of a personnel study
- Provides a safe method of clearing people unfoundedly suspected and wrongly accused based on false accusations
- Contributes to creating a strong mutual bond and building trust between employees and their superiors

It should be noted that a properly conducted examination must not harm the basic personal rights of the examinee.

Therefore, the following conditions must be met in each case :
obtaining the employee's consent to conduct the study,
providing information about the purpose and conduct of the test,
- presentation of questions before conducting the test,
- prior arrangement of the test date.


Warmix company from Warsaw conducts polygraph tests with a polygraph (the so-called lie detector), the persons conducting the tests are professionals in their field, with many years of experience

acquired in units subordinate to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration, recommended by the Association of Polish Polygraphers.

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