When seeking relevant information and evidence in the cases we undertake on a daily basis, the situation very often forces us to acquire audio and video from a space where obtaining these materials can be very difficult and cumbersome. However, we are prepared for this, as well as being able to obtain audio-visual recordings with the materials necessary to further the client's case.

Depending on the expectations of the assignment, as well as its difficulty, we will prepare the appropriate equipment for its implementation, along with the necessary accessories, and plan their use. As an experienced detective agency, we have equipment adapted to work in almost any conditions, from miniature cameras located in inconspicuous objects that will not arouse any suspicion, to cameras resistant to weather conditions, dust, or other inconvenient factors.

Among the equipment at the disposal of our detective agency, there are also cameras capable of recording video and audio in very dark rooms. These devices are additionally difficult to spot due to the lack of an infrared illuminator, which characterizes less professional and cheaper devices. Equipment of this type can also be installed for surveillance of a room or a specific area, while our employees will be able to control its operation without being in its surroundings. In addition, a frequently used equipment are the so-called photocameras, which are cameras that mask and transmit images directly to another location or record in the internal memory of the recorder. Devices of this type offer the possibility of mounting them in an open area to protect property or to observe open spaces.

In addition to cameras, popular devices used in the work of detective agencies are microscopic dictaphones or other types of microphone, which can be used to record low-volume sound in a place where other devices could be detected and, above all, might not be effective enough for the sound they record to be heard. In addition, characteristic devices found in the industry are laser microphones, which provide the ability to eavesdrop on sound from objects located even several hundred meters from the microphone's location.

We tailor our offer to the nature of the order received. The experience we have, combined with the professional equipment at our disposal, are able to provide our customers with high efficiency, as well as we take care to maintain complete discretion.


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