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Polygraphic studies (lie detector)

We work with leading profesional polygraphic study (lie detector). For a better understanding of the significance test in the study poligraphic used in the process of recruiting staff are advantages to the employer and the candidate to work can achieve, using devices called polygraph.

The importance of the results for the employer:

Polygraphic studies (lie detector) it is the exact method by which you can immediately verify the low cost data on the past of person applying for employment.

- It detects a person addicted to alcohol and psychoactive substances.

- Reveals some of the characteristics associated with psychological and social incompatibility of applicants for a job.

- Allows you to identify a person disloyal to the company, or working for competitors.

- Reduces costs associated with the liquidity of human resources and to improve the relevance of selecting candidates for certain positions.
The importance of the results to the employee:-

It protects against a false and unfair assessment of the work left by the previous managers. - Considerably (compared with the use of conventional measures the flow of information: phone, fax, letters, etc.) shorten the period of waiting the results of the candidate to develop human resources- ensures safe method for purification of people wrongly accused and wrongly suspected on the basis of a false accusation

It contributes to creating a strong, mutual relationships and building trust between workers and their superiors.Should be noted that a properly conducted the test can not engage in basic good personal test. Therefore, each must meet the following conditions: to obtain the consent of the employee to carry out research , to supply information on the purpose and conduct of research, -submit questions prior to the test -the test date prior arrangement.



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"WARMIX", a licensed Security and Detective Agency, was established in 2003. The Company's concession number is L-0392/03 and its detective services register number is RD - 31/2006.

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